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Authentic and inspiring Gospel music from the heart

southern gospel music infused with jazz and blues

Born with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita and bound to a wheelchair, Ben has never met a challenge he couldn't overcome. People across the world are drawn in by his authentic delivery and powerful vocals. Fans often describe Ben's music as "anointed worship" that "draws the Holy Spirit."

What others say
"Ben puts everything into his singing...his heart and soul. The HolySpirit is living in him and shines through him when he performs. So enjoy his beautiful voice!"
— Carole Rassi
"I think if you are down, just take the time and look around to see what other people are going through and have come through. Read this young man story and listen to him sing and give God the glory. He touched my heart with his music. Praise the Lord this young man didn't give up and he is sharing his music, thank you. God bless you!"
— Betty Bevill
"What an awesome man of God with a great male voice. I’ve just found out about your ministry a few weeks ago and I’ve been blessed by listening to Ben Waites' wonderful talents."
— Jeff Jones
What you do is beyond words! You use your God given talents and abilities to share God’s love and blessings to all those who hear you. You are absolutely my most favorite musician!!!! May God bless you in return for how you bless us!!
— Beckey Wolfe

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